Tianyi Zheng

  1. A Conversation (somewhere between no longer and not yet), 2023
  2. The Ship of Fools, 2023
  3. Where the windows are open, pigeons can nest.., 2022
  4. We No Longer Remember How We Got Here, 2022
  5. A Haunted Home is Haunting Us, 2021
  6. The Freeway to a New Planet, 2020 - 21
  7. A Reminder from Last Summer, 2019-21
  8. Will You, 2020
  9. Everyday I make a flag, 2019 
  10. The Story of Brick, 2018
  11. PLAY LIST, 2018
  12. The explosion has already been happening, 2017
  13. Cassini Lover, 2017

  1. Where Comes Mulan (ongoing)
  2. A Conversation, 2023
  3. Wake up the bats, 2023
  4. Observatory_Blue, 2023
  5. The ship of fools never returns, 2023
  6. We no longer remember how we got here (video), 2022
  7. Will you pick me up tomorrow , 2021
  8. Intro. Fall asleep on the freeway, 2020
  9. You with me, 2020
  10. Memory Not Found, 2019
  11. A few more vomiting will make us get used to it, 2018
  12. Man Fish, 2018
  13. The Borderman, 2017
  14. When the Kite Has no Wind, 2016
  15. Grey Water Trader, 2016

Painting/ Drawing
  1. Crime scene, 2023
  2. Playground-slide, 2022
  3. Seems to have been here, 2022
  4. Will you remember me, 2020
  5. I’ll never gonna dance again, 2018
  6. The Chariot / ACE of Swords, 2017

Performance/ Happening/ Other
  1. Sleepless Nights Wake Up the Plants, 2023
  2. Tie-up-loose-ends_2, 2023
  3. The wave never ends, 2023
  4. Tie-up-loose-ends, 2022
  5. Department of Collective Collaboration, 2022
  6. Trash Bin Office, 2021
  7. Nothing Exercise, 2020 - 21
  8. I’m so sorry Mr. Brick, 2020
  9. The Cruise to Nowhere, 2020
  10. The Cold Ground, 2019
  11. Magical Realism LIVE Broadcast Series, 2019
  12. Hetero Room – Karaoke Cemetery, 2017
  13. The Early Train, 2016

About me
  1. Tianyi is always in either a second-hand shop or on second-hand sale apps where she encounters found objects, images and footage (and she never feels bored). Her love for used/ collected/ found objects originates from, instead of nostalgia, a haunted feeling experienced in the contemporary days as the past has not been shed away while our world keeps moving, or in fact it can never be...
  2. CV


Performance work with the collective NinnGouu (Lan Hsin Tu, Beth Wong and Tianyi Zheng)
Performed on 16th June 2023 in Worm in Rotterdam, for 20 mins.

 "Tie-up-loose-ends_2" is a thought-provoking and visually captivating performance by Ninngouu, a collective formed by Tianyi Zheng, Beth Wong, and Lan Hsin Tu. As an interdisciplinary practice collective, Ninngouu seeks to challenge societal norms, foster empathy, and promote understanding across borders. Their work is grounded in an Asian contextualized space that explores the complexities of queerness and geographic identity.

In this series of performances, "Tie-up-loose-ends," Ninngouu delves into the intricate relationship between the human body and various materials. Through the incorporation of cable ties, textiles, plastics, and screws, each possessing distinct qualities of softness, elasticity, and rigidity, the collective examines how these materials can impose restrictions, reshape, or transform the body. While these materials are commonly encountered in everyday life, construction sites, and exhibition spaces, they also carry symbolic weight in contexts such as protests and arrests.

By exploring the interplay between the body and materials, Ninngouu initiates essential conversations with the audience. "Tie-up-loose-ends_2" specifically aims to shed light on the unique experiences and struggles of the queer community in East Asia, while addressing broader issues of oppression and marginalization. Through their performance, the collective invites viewers to contemplate the ways in which materials and societal constructs can shape and impact individual identities.