Tianyi Zheng

  1. A Collection of Urban Nothingness, 2023
  2. A Conversation (somewhere between no longer and not yet), 2023
  3. The Ship of Fools, 2023
  4. Where the windows are open, pigeons can nest.., 2022
  5. We No Longer Remember How We Got Here, 2022
  6. A Haunted Home is Haunting Us, 2021
  7. The Freeway to a New Planet, 2020 - 21
  8. A Reminder from Last Summer, 2019-21
  9. Will You, 2020
  10. Everyday I make a flag, 2019 
  11. The Story of Brick, 2018
  12. PLAY LIST, 2018
  13. The explosion has already been happening, 2017
  14. Cassini Lover, 2017

  1. Where Comes Mulan (ongoing)
  2. As the Wind Passes by the Surface of Your City, 2023
  3. Pink LED, 2023
  4. A Conversation, 2023
  5. The ship of fools never returns, 2023
  6. We no longer remember how we got here_video, 2022
  7. Will you pick me up tomorrow , 2021
  8. Intro. Fall asleep on the freeway, 2020
  9. You with me, 2020
  10. Memory Not Found, 2019
  11. A few more vomiting will make us get used to it, 2018
  12. Man Fish, 2018
  13. The Borderman, 2017
  14. When the Kite Has no Wind, 2016
  15. Grey Water Trader, 2016

Performance/ Happening/ Other
  1. A Collection of Urban Nothingness_Performance, 2023
  2. As the Wind Passes by the Surface of Your City_ Performance, 2023
  3. Sleepless Nights Wake Up the Plants, 2023
  4. Tie-up-loose-ends_2, 2023
  5. Wake up the bats, 2023
  6. Observatory_Blue, 2023
  7. The wave never ends, 2023
  8. Tie-up-loose-ends, 2022
  9. Department of Collective Collaboration, 2022
  10. Trash Bin Office, 2021
  11. Nothing Exercise, 2020 - 21
  12. I’m so sorry Mr. Brick, 2020
  13. The Cruise to Nowhere, 2020
  14. The Cold Ground, 2019
  15. Magical Realism LIVE Broadcast Series, 2019
  16. Hetero Room – Karaoke Cemetery, 2017
  17. The Early Train, 2016

Painting/ Drawing
  1. Crime scene, 2023
  2. Playground-slide, 2022
  3. Seems to have been here, 2022
  4. Will you remember me, 2020
  5. I’ll never gonna dance again, 2018
  6. The Chariot / ACE of Swords, 2017

About me
  1. Tianyi is always in either a second-hand shop or on second-hand sale apps where she encounters found objects, images and footage (and she never feels bored). Her love for used/ collected/ found objects originates from, instead of nostalgia, a haunted feeling experienced in the contemporary days as the past has not been shed away while our world keeps moving, or in fact it can never be...
  2. CV


Tianyi Zheng, Tin-e
Hong Kong / Rotterdam,NL.

Tianyi Zheng, Tin-e (1995, Hubei) is an artist based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, whose current interests include the interface and narration between space, place, the identity of people, as well as heterotopology and hauntology. Displayed in mixed media installations, her work comprised of found objects, video, sound, and performance. She graduated from Frank Mohr Institute (MFA in MADTech) in 2021 and received a BA in Fine Art from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018).
Zheng's work has been shown in Prenzlauer Studio, Berlin (2021); Kunstpunt, Groningen (2021); Artist Residency in Bierumerschool, Bierum (2020); PMQ, Hong Kong (2018) and Kunstraum Gallery of ZHdK, Zurich (2017). Zheng was awarded the Lucht Stipend (2021) and supported by Artist Start Mondriaan Fond (2021). She has curated cultural events such as the Wild Art Festival in Green Wave Art Hong Kong.

鄭天依(1995,湖北)2018年畢業於香港中文大學藝術系,2021年於荷蘭Frank Mohr Institute取得媒體藝術碩士,現於荷蘭和香港生活及工作。她的創作透過文字、現成物、表演、裝置和錄像等不同媒介呈現,作品關注城市空間和身份議題, 涉獵的主題包括離散,邊界,異質地誌學及鬼魂徘徊學。
鄭近期獲得Lucht Stipend 和蒙德里安基金的支持,她的作品曾展出於德國柏林 Prenzlauer Studio(2021),荷蘭格羅寧根 Kunstpunt(2021),Bierumerschool 駐留計畫(2020),香港PMQ(2018)及瑞士蘇黎世Kunstraum Galery of ZHdK(2017),亦曾發起及策劃《野生藝術節》(2017-20)。

2023.10.1-31          (Upcoming) Artist in residency, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL
2023.4.29 - 5.15     Koumaria Residency 2023, Medea Electronique, Athens and Sparta, GR
2023.3.20 - 31        Artist in residency, Gallerieboii, Hong Kong, HK
2020.11.28 - 21.3.5Museum in residency, de Bierumerschool, Bierum, Groningen, NL

Solo Exhibition:
2023.4.1 - 10        <Ship of Fools Never Returns to Port>, Gallerieboii, Hong Kong, HK

Selected Exhibitions:
    <I Still Care>, Eurocenter, Amsterdam, NL
         <Springboard Art Fair>, Werkspoorkathedraal, Utrecht, NL
       <Supermarket Art Fair 2023>, Stadsgardsterminalen, Stockholm, SE
  <Belong and Belongings>, Eaton Hotel, HK
  <Try-Out-Gallery>, Stroom Den Haag, Den Haag, NL
        <Season Highlights>,Kunstpodium T, Tilburg, NL
2022.6.10-7.3<Where the windows are open pigeons can nest>, KunstpodiumT, Tilburg, NL
2022.3.12-27<May the Art World Tear Us Apart Til We Meet Again>, Bierumer School, Bierum, NL 
2022.3.5-4.17<A.F.A.I.R.>,SIGN Project Space, Groningen, NL
2021.12.18<Momentje Alstublieft I’m Lost for Words>, Pip Expo, Den Haag, NL
2021.12.3-17 <Once Again in One’s Hand>, Mamamini, Groningen, NL
2021.11.19-28  <Fried Together>, KunstpodiumT, Tilburg, NL
2021.9.27 - 10.17<Lucht Project>, Kunstpunt Groningen, Groningen, NL
2021.9.3 - 26<Summer Reminder>, window project, Prenzlauer Studio, Berlin, BE
2021.6.19 - 24<Swerve>, Graduation Expo Frank Mohr Institute, MOBi, Groningen, NL
2020.11.28 - 21.3.5 <Let’s not go back to normal>, Duo Exhibition with Jessie Tam, de Bierumerschool, Bierum, NL
2020.12.9 - 11<Eemsdelta-expo>,Gronings Vuur, Het Anker, Delfzijl, NL
2020.3.28<Circle doing words>, online exhibition, Groningen, NL
2020.2.29<#1 Re:Present>, Koepelzaal, Groningen, NL
2019.9 - 12<Tentoonstelling artist in residence, Shane Waltener with the Action Building Group>,  Koepelzaal, Groningen, NL
2019.3.19 - 4.7<Wild Art Festival 2019>, Green Wave Art, HK
2018.8.5 - 9.2<id_city: Videos by art graduates of HK/China/Taiwan>, PMQ Block A S313, Central, HK
2018.7.21 - 8.3<Fresh Trend 2018>, Art Graduates Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall, Central, HK
2018.5.26 - 6.24 <Forever Young Forever Weeping>, The Arts of CUHK 2018 Undergraduate Exhibition,  Art Museum, CUHK, HK
2018.5.26 - 6.24<Happily Ever After>, The Arts of CUHK 2018, Cheng Ming Building, HK
2018.1.1 - 12<Reading Report>, Duo Exhibition with Jessie Tam, Ch’ien Mu Library, HK
2017.12.2-16<MATLAB & Guests. Drawing & Painting: (Trans)media Experiments, Collaboration Project of Experimental Image>, Kunstraum Gallery, ZHdK,  CH
2017.11.12<Dust Rat Run>, Kwun Tong, HK
2017.10.22 - 11.4<Wild Art Festival 2017>, FAAS Spaceless, HK
2017.1.8 - 14<Collaboration project of experimental drawing>, Connecting Space Hong Kong, HK
2017.1.16 - 27<The Necessity of Meaninglessness>, Join Exhibition, Ch’ien Mu Library, HK
2017.5.27 - 6.23< + ;! []. We Are Lost In.*This﹍ ×High-tech Game° ° ° ×. ﹏ >, The Art of CUHK 2017, Cheng Ming Building, CUHK
2016.6.4 - 29<Happy Together>, The Art of CUHK 2016, Cheng Ming Building, HK
2016.6.4 - 29<Body>, The Art of CUHK 2016, Cheng Ming Building, HK
2016.9.20 - 29<Mirrors That Tell Silence>, Hui Gallery, HK

2021.12.3-17   <Once Again in One’s Hand>, Mamamini, Groningen, NL
2019.3.19 - 4.7<Wild Art Festival 2019>, Green Wave Art, HK
2017.10.22 - 11.4<Wild Art Festival 2017>, FAAS Spaceless, HK
2017.5.27 - 6.23< + ;! []. We Are Lost In.*This﹍ ×High-tech Game° ° ° ×. ﹏ >, The Art of CUHK 2017 Undergraduate Exhibition, Cheng Ming Building, CUHK

2023.7.21  <Sleepless Night Wake Up the Plants>, The One Minutes, ROZENSTRAAT, Amsterdam, NL
2023.6.17  <Alternative &Chosen Families>, Squish, Worm, Rotterdam, NL
2023.4.7    <The Wave Never Ends>, with Lawrence Cheng and Vun Kwan Tam, Gallerieboii, HK
2022.10.1   <D.I.H.A.N. 1.0:Duration>, ARTisBOOKShop, Groningen, NL
2021.1.23 <Screen Breach>, Live performance with Sally Samaan, The Open Source Gallery and live-streamed, US & NL
2020.6.31<Wild Art Festival 2020: Art Guerrilla Anytime>, Live performative Lecture, online, HK
2020.6.28<Surf #2>, Live performance with Livia Ribichini, zoom meeting, NL
2020.2.22<Sojlo Nights #2>, Lust Cafe, Groningen, NL
2019.12.12<Does it Have a Name: Technology>, ARTisBOOKShop, Groningen, NL
2019.4.7<Wild Art Festival 2019>, Green Wave Art, HK
2017.10.25<Wild Art Festival 2017>, FAAS Spaceless, HK

2023.7.21   <‘Untitled’ curated by ikkibawiKrrr>, ROZENSTRAAT, Amsterdam, NL
2023.6.21  <Online premiere ‘Untitled’ curated by ikkibawiKrrr>, The One Minutes, Amsterdam, NL
2023.4.29  <42 One Minutes>, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Oberhausen, DE
2021.6.19<Screening Brushstrokes #1>, D-Normal V-Essay, Floating Projects, HK
2020.11.23<Negative Space Online Screening of “Migration”>, Negative Space, HK
2020.9.3<Roaring 2020’s>,digital (art) collection,VOX-POP, Amsterdam, NL
2018.11.9<Wild Art Festival 2018>, Short Film Screening, Wild Art Festival, HK
2018.9.30<ifva Everywhere-48 Hour Film Challenge>, ifva, Edinburgh Place, Central, HK

Awards and Funds:
2023            CBK Grant For Artistic Practice, NL
2023            Artist Start grant, Mondriaan fonds, NL
2023            Amarte Fonds, NL
2023            Professor Mayching Kao Fine Arts Fund, HK
2022            Jan Naaijkens Prize 2022, NL
2021 - 2022Corona Bridging Grant for Artists, Curators, Researchers,  Mondriaan fonds, NL
2021Lucht Kunstpunt, NL
2020 - 2021Hanze scholarship, NL
2019 - 2020Holland scholarship, NL
2018Y.S. Mok 3-Dimension Creative Grant, HK
2017Sino Digital Media Art Award, HK

2021<MYEW! Vol.3 Retirement>, Published by MYEW!, HK
2021            <MYEW! Vol.2 D.T.F>, Published by MYEW!, HK
2021<MYEW! Vol.1 Hot Gun Cold Pie>, Published by MYEW!, HK
2021<Things Will Work Out Tomorrow>, Published by Stepbackforward, HK
2021<Graduation Catalogue 2021>, Published by Frank Mohr Institute, NL
2021<Our Manifestos II_Videography, Documentary Impulses>, Published by Floating Projects,HK
2020<RE:Present II, I care a lot>, Published by Frank Mohr Institute and Re:Search Gallery, NL
2018<Forever Young Forever Weeping>, Published by The Art of CUHK 2018, HK