Tianyi Zheng

  1. Where the windows are open, pigeons can nest.., 2022
  2. We No Longer Remember How We Got Here, 2022
  3. A Haunted Home is Haunting Us, 2021
  4. The Freeway to a New Planet, 2020 - 21
  5. A Reminder from Last Summer, 2019-21
  6. Will You, 2020
  7. Everyday I make a flag, 2019 
  8. The Story of Brick, 2018
  9. PLAY LIST, 2018
  10. The explosion has already been happening, 2017
  11. Cassini Lover, 2017

  1. We no longer remember how we got here (video), 2022
  2. Will you pick me up tomorrow , 2021
  3. Intro. Fall asleep on the freeway, 2020
  4. You with me, 2020
  5. Memory Not Found, 2019
  6. A few more vomiting will make us get used to it, 2018
  7. Man Fish, 2018
  8. The Borderman, 2017
  9. When the Kite Has no Wind, 2016
  10. Grey Water Trader, 2016

Painting/ Drawing
  1. Playground-slide, 2022
  2. Seems to have been here, 2022
  3. Will you remember me, 2020
  4. I’ll never gonna dance again, 2018
  5. The Chariot / ACE of Swords, 2017

Performance/ Behavior/ Event /Other
  1. Tie-up-loose-ends, 2022
  2. Department of Collective Collaboration, 2022
  3. Trash Bin Office, 2021
  4. Nothing Exercise, 2020 - 21
  5. I’m so sorry Mr. Brick, 2020
  6. The Cruise to Nowhere, 2020
  7. The Cold Ground, 2019
  8. Magical Realism LIVE Broadcast Series, 2019
  9. Hetero Room – Karaoke Cemetery, 2017
  10. The Early Train, 2016

About me
  1. Tianyi is always in either a second-hand shop or on second-hand sale apps where she encounters found objects, images and footage (and she never feels bored). Her love for used/ collected/ found objects originates from, instead of nostalgia, a haunted feeling experienced in the contemporary days as the past has not been shed away while our world keeps moving, or in fact it can never be...
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Everyday I make a flag

Everyday I make a flag
Size variable, A set of 22

Flag 001
I wish you are safe
Steel tube, Baby parasol

Flag 002
I wish you are warm
Shorts, willow branch

Flag 003
I wish you are not threatened
Powder blower, red plastic fragment

Flag 004
I wish I can help
Rubber coated gloves, steel rod

Flag 005
I wish it will end
Blue towel, folding ruler, wooden clips, nylon strings

Flag 006
I wish we will meet again
Table tennis net, wooden stick

Flag 007
I wish you sleep well
Black PETG sheet, copper rod

Flag 008
I wish we will win
Plastic pipe, cotton belt

Flag 009
I wish you have no fear
Sponge, toy, cables

Flag 010
I wish they will die (of coz they will)
Chopper board, shower riser

Flag 011
I wish you can escape
Steel rod, green sponge

Flag 012
I wish you stay strong
Bubble wrap, saw blade, nails

Flag 013
She wishes the light will on
Cotton, plastic fork , tape

Flag 014
I wish you won’t tear
Plastic fishing bag, steel tube, water

Flag 015
I wish we won’t have nightmare
Steel dough scraper, rubber foam

Flag 016
I wish you can wait
Fly swatter, rice noodles

Flag 017
I wish we can walk 8000 miles
Carpet, bamboo slat, steel clips

Flag 018
I wish you won’t regret
Frame, plastic binding strip

Flag 019
I wish you could come back later
Plastic board, broken motor side mirror, rubber band

Flag 020
I wish you heal
Plastic tub, PU foam

Flag 021
I wish you can have a rest
Styrofoam, aluminium ceiling grid

Flag 022
I wish you won’t forget
Kitchen roll holder, pivot rod, paperboard, key chain ring