Tianyi Zheng

  1. Where the windows are open, pigeons can nest.., 2022
  2. We No Longer Remember How We Got Here, 2022
  3. A Haunted Home is Haunting Us, 2021
  4. The Freeway to a New Planet, 2020 - 21
  5. A Reminder from Last Summer, 2019-21
  6. Will You, 2020
  7. Everyday I make a flag, 2019 
  8. The Story of Brick, 2018
  9. PLAY LIST, 2018
  10. The explosion has already been happening, 2017
  11. Cassini Lover, 2017

  1. We no longer remember how we got here (video), 2022
  2. Will you pick me up tomorrow , 2021
  3. Intro. Fall asleep on the freeway, 2020
  4. You with me, 2020
  5. Memory Not Found, 2019
  6. A few more vomiting will make us get used to it, 2018
  7. Man Fish, 2018
  8. The Borderman, 2017
  9. When the Kite Has no Wind, 2016
  10. Grey Water Trader, 2016

Painting/ Drawing
  1. Seems to have been here, 2022
  2. Will you remember me, 2020
  3. I’ll never gonna dance again, 2018
  4. The Chariot / ACE of Swords, 2017

Performance/ Behavior/ Event /Other
  1. Tie-up-loose-ends, 2022
  2. Department of Collective Collaboration, 2022
  3. Trash Bin Office, 2021
  4. Nothing Exercise, 2020 - 21
  5. I’m so sorry Mr. Brick, 2020
  6. The Cruise to Nowhere, 2020
  7. The Cold Ground, 2019
  8. Magical Realism LIVE Broadcast Series, 2019
  9. Hetero Room – Karaoke Cemetery, 2017
  10. The Early Train, 2016

About me
  1. Tianyi is always in either a second-hand shop or on second-hand sale apps where she encounters found objects, images and footage (and she never feels bored). Her love for used/ collected/ found objects originates from, instead of nostalgia, a haunted feeling experienced in the contemporary days as the past has not been shed away while our world keeps moving, or in fact it can never be...
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Documentation of border: When the kite has no wind

Documentation of border: When the kite has no wind
Action video, Double channel digital video, Sound, Color

Chung Ying Street is located within the border town of Sha Tau Kok (Hong Kong) and Shatoujiao (Shenzhen). In Cantonese, Chung means China and Ying means England. One side of the street belongs to Hong Kong and the other belongs to Mainland China. Sha Tau Kok in Shenzhen is a special zone because the town is guarded by local police. The local residents of Sha Tau Kok are granted a free pass to come and go as they wish while visitors are required to obtain a permit for travelling.

On the morning of December 12th, I got into Chung Ying Street, the one located in Shatoujiao (Shenzhen) as a mainland resident cardholder. I flew a kite and hoped it could cross the borderline to Hong Kong but in vain. Then I came back to Sha Tau Kok Estate, the one in Hong Kong and flew a kite in a parking lot. I hoped the kite could go back to Shenzhen but it also failed. The kite drew many lines that day and the one who flew the kite could only draw an unfinished circle on the map.

Land has border but wind has none. Maybe there was no wind, or I’d better not to use a kite to sneak into another place.